Electrical engineer with management and business administration experience. Knows sawi since about 25 years ago when he was communications manager.

Held various positions in a globally active corporation, then ran his own successful agency. Joined the sawi management in 2009 with a view to subsequent takeover.

"In this job I can draw on my experience in the university research environment as well as the widely diversified industrial research network".

André Schäppi
Position: sawi CEO and Board Chairman
Born: 1960
Profession Chemical lab technician and graduate electrical engineer
Joined sawi in: 2009
Phone +41 52 320 50 51


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I find sawi cool:
because we are such a super team and not satisfied with anything but perfection.
What I find most important in dealing with people:
Respect, tolerance and accountability.
My leisure activities:
When I'm not jogging or in our Ticino cottage with my wife, I love travelling. Often to explore a historic town or region, which is a good starting point for literature research.
My favourite saying:
Only those who can let go of the old have their hands free for the new.
What my best friend would say about me:
Sometimes his judgment is hard, but he is fair.
My favourite music:
the Gladiator film music, Vico Torriani – and Mozart's Requiem.
My favourite film:
Master & Commander - The Far Side of the World.
My favourite book:
The Writer's Journey
My favourite website:
This app is a must for me:
nike+ running app
My dream destination:
Tromsø in Norway with my wife to the Polar Night half-marathon. This takes place every New Year, and I can image how fantastic it must be to jog under the northern lights.
First thing I do when I wake up:
glance at the clock: is it really time to get up?
Last thing I do before going to sleep:
Go through the day's events in my mind.