I am Mechanical engineer with a flair for production technology. Joined sawi straight after graduating. Held various positions since then in production, process optimization, tooling & equipment, and development.

Head of technology since 2010. Pays special attention to the ongoing development of products and sensor innovations for our demanding industrial customers.

But also focuses on keeping sensor production competitive enough for market success. Finds it important here to choose only the most (cost-) effective manufacturing technologies and components – drawing on long-standing experience.

"I like putting our profound knowledge in all aspects of temperature measurement technology to work every day, and expanding it continuously".

Beat Ruhstaller
Position: Head of Technology (member of the management board)
Born: 1982
Profession: Polymechanic and mechanical engineer
Joined sawi in: 2007
Phone +41 52 320 50 46


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I find sawi cool:
because in a small harmonic and flexible team that works fast and efficiently, I can help the company succeed all the better. With such a variety of tasks and challenging projects for customers and universities, my work is extremely interesting and instructive.
What I find most important in dealing with people:
respect, and motivating communication.
My leisure activities:
enjoying quality time with my wife and taking trips together with our little boy. In summer I go mountain-biking a lot, and I'm also a tour leader and Youth & Sport trainer in the cycling club. In winter you'll often find me in the snow, either cross-country skiing or on the slopes.
My favourite saying:
"We only live once".
What my best friend would say about me:
"He has a good sense of humour and lots of interests".
My favourite music:
Rock by Johnossi, Nickelback, White Stripes and Kings of Leon.
My favourite film:
The Green Mile
My favourite book:
My favourite website:
This app is a must for me:
Google Maps
My dream destination:
on super mountain-bike tours in Colorado.
First thing I do when I wake up:
wait until the alarm clock goes off.
Last thing I do before going to sleep:
say good night to my wife and our little boy