After graduating as businesswoman, further studies in finance and accounting. Until baby break was chief secretary in the IT department of a global Swiss corporation headquartered in Winterthur.

Spent ten years as an independent specialist in finance and administration, thereby gaining valuable experience in her own small company.

This was followed up by joining a fiduciary real estate management company in Davos.

Was then finance & accounting and human resources manager for an architectural practice in Winterthur. "With sawi I can make the most of my experience in all these different positions".

Claudia Jallard
Position: Head of Administration, Finance and Human Resources
Born: 1964
Profession: Graduate businesswoman
Joined sawi in: 2010
Phone +41 52 320 50 52


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I find sawi cool:
because we work independently on our own responsibility, so everybody can make the most of their know-how and strengths.
What I find most important in dealing with people:
honesty, respect, helpfulness, attentiveness, personal commitment and responsibility.
My leisure activities:
I like spending a lot of time with family and friends. I balance out my work by reading, hiking and travelling, enjoying nature and gardening.
My favourite saying:
Strive for perfection, but do not pretend to be perfect or infallible.
What my best friend would say about me:
"I can always rely on you".
My favourite music:
Lyrics, folk, classical and film music
My favourite film:
Saint Jacques, "Pilgrimage in French".
My favourite book:
A Song of Ice and Fire.
My favourite website:
none in particular.
This app is a must for me:
My dream destination:
First thing I do when I wake up:
Turn off the alarm clock and think about the new day
Last thing I do before going to sleep:
One last yawn...