Straight after graduating in mechanical engineering, he learnt all about temperature measurement in various sawi departments: prototype development and small series production, quality control, and servicing.

Transferred to the office floor in June 2004 as sales assistant. Meanwhile continued with on-the-job studies and graduated as Swiss-certified technical businessperson.

In 2009 he was appointed head of Marketing and Sales and elected to the management board. As Head of Production and Purchasing he is now responsible for punctual product completion (own and outsourced), manufacturing policy and controlling, commodities specification and procurement, and product warehousing management.

"I love dealing with our high-tech sensor products, and shall carry on updating my theoretical knowledge with on-the-job studies".

Marco Inhelder
Position: Head of Production and Purchasing
Born: 1981
Profession: Mechanical engineer and Swiss-certified technical
Joined sawi in: 2001
Phone +41 52 320 50 41
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I find sawi cool:
because small is beautiful, flexible and versatile - and we get on every day like a family.
What I find most important in dealing with people:
Respect, honesty, credibility and dependability, plus a good sense of humour.
My leisure activities:
I balance out my work with family life, sports and board games, good dining and social contacts.
My favourite saying:
Failed careers or relationships are always attributable in the end to conflict.
What my best friend would say about me:
He knows and says what he wants, but is never happy until everyone else is as well.
My favourite music:
On the radio
My favourite film:
Slumdog millionaire
My favourite book:
Can't really decide – there are so many good books!A Song of Ice and Fire.
My favourite website:
This app is a must for me:
My dream destinations:
The Maledives and/or Australia
First thing I do when I wake up:
Open my eyes and turn off the alarm clock.
Last thing I do before going to sleep:
Set the alarm.